Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sounds of The Ferry Written by Sara Leach Illustrated by Steven Corvelo

Sounds of the Ferry 

I liked this book because of the simple rhyming text that was kind of like a poem. It describes the sounds of a ferry very well and gives you a good mental picture of the sounds. I thought the illustrations were a little unusual but showed a lot of action. Each picture tells a story. I thought they were a little unusual because the people looked a bit odd.

I think this book is a little too short and too simple to do a book review on the story but the illustrations is what told the story.


  1. Hi Jonah, we were going to read this book this Tuesday but when I got to school I found that this is one of the books we don't have. From your review it doesn't sound as if we are missing too much :)

  2. I would add that the text that describes the sounds of the ferry is written in waves across the pages and this adds considerably to the feel of the story. It is a clever use of text as illustration. I do agree with you Jonah about the lack of story development. There seems to be no story problem or need for resolve.

  3. We looked at this book last week and all thought that it was fun to read. We liked the way the pictures and words worked together. A nice book if you are little and about to go on a ferry journey though I don't think we would be seeing many whales or dolphins on a ferry here :)