Tuesday, April 30, 2013

King Jack and the Dragon by Peter Bently

The book is about three small children Jack, Zak and baby Caspar, who build a small tent and pretend to fight dragons and monsters. As it started to get dark the children went back to their stronghold which was their make believe castle. A giant ( Dad ) came to take Zak then, another giant ( Mum ) came to take Caspar. Jack was left in the dark. He sat in his stronghold listening to the sounds of nature. Owls tooting mice scuttering and frogs croaking. Jack was scared. He heard footsteps, something with four legs ..........his mum and dad coming to take him into the house for a nice warm bath.

I liked this book because the use of colour for showing when they were imagining things and when it was real life was really clever. When it was real life it was kind of like a sketch but when they were fighting dragons and monsters it was in colour. This meant that we didn't get confused between imagination and real life. Another way that the illustrator showed us imagination was that the baby wasn't scared of the monsters and they didn't mind him being there.

I really like this book because the illustrations were really clever and the story was really good.


Louis the tiger who came from the sea By Michal Kozlowski

This book is about a tiger from the sea called Louis. Ali and Ollie find a tiger in the garden and try to give it breakfast.The tiger gets into the house.They dress up as sea creatures and lead him to the sea.

The pictures are clever because in one of the pictures there are dolphins in the clouds when the tiger is asleep in the grass.

I found this book funny because tigers don't normally come from the sea, tigers don't normally have baths and the parents walked down the street in sea creature costumes.

I really liked this book.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh No George! By Chris Haughton

The story is about a dog called George and his owner Harris. Harris is going out and George is told to be good while he's out. George says to himself that he will be good but George can't help himself from messing up the place.

We like how when George is thinking about things that the background is white so it shows just him. When George is being mischievous the background is all colourful and bright. We love the pictures and think it is a great contender.

We liked how the words were set out and even though they were simple it still made it a great story for all ages ( literally )

As we said this book is for all ages and even made our teacher laugh. Anyone who reads the book or is reading the book to someone else will have a good little giggle and enjoy the book.

Sofia and Paris

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I want to go to the moon / Words and music by Tom Saunders Illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

I Want To Go to The Moon by Tom Saunders

This book is about young Neil that wants to go to moon his whole life. It is based on a true story about Neil Armstrong: The first man to set foot on the moon. I think this was a great book and that it written for all ages.

 I loved the story because it was uplifting and tells a good message on following your dream and the dream God has put in your heart. This book was written in poetry form and has a CD that comes with it that sings the story (At least mine did).

I loved the illustrations because they were cartoony yet detailed and very pleasant. I think they really combined well with the story. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Book reveiw / Seal Song written by Andrea Spalding illustrated by Pascal Milelli

Seal Song written by Andrea Spalding

This book is about a boy named Finn that works with his father at a cannery. After the day’s work is done he goes to his secret cove to swim with the seals. Every time he goes there he asks seals to sing. One day a strange girl comes to town and becomes friends with Finn. People say that she is a seal folk and that she will bring ill fortune. They also said that saltwater can’t touch her skin or else she will have to return to the sea. But when Finn goes fishing one day and a storm hits she has no choice!   

I liked the illustrations because they were made of lots of different shapes and had lots of unusual colours.  I especially like the picture showing Finn in the boat at dawn because the character was dark but it still showed a lot of detail.

The only thing I disliked about this book was that it was a bit superstitious. It talked about good fortune and seal magic. I don’t believe in magic and I don’t believe in good fortune, I believe in God’s blessings.

 I liked this book because it was happy and uplifting and had lots of joy. 

AGAIN! By Emily Gravett

This book is about Cedric the dragon who wants his Mum to read him a bedtime story again and again and again.This book made us laugh because it reminded us of when we were little and didn't want to go to sleep so made our parents read us stories over and over again.

We think the pictures are quite clever because Cedric the dragon starts to become the dragon in the story that is being read to him. Then Cedric the dragon starts to turn red and the dragon in the story goes green and falls asleep.

At the end of the book Cedric starts to get really angry with his Mum because she falls asleep and won't read it again so he burns a hole through the book. We think it's really clever because there is actually a hole in the book as if the book has really been burnt.

We don't think you have a copy of this yet but let us know what you think of it when you do.

Izzy.R and Sofia

Friday, April 5, 2013

Book Review / Grandpa's Girls By Nicola L. Campbell and Kim LaFave

Grandpa's Girls

This story is about some girls (who are cousins) that go visit their Grandpa's farm. Their Grandpa is a veteran, a cowboy, a rancher and a businessman. Their Grandpa was a soldier in World War II. Going to their Grandpa's is the highlight of their summer. They have lots of fun at their Grandpa's; they play house in the root seller, they swing on swings in the barn, they tease the pigs and raid the the candy jar.

Ienjoyed the story because it was an warm uplifting book. It showed family closeness. I thought the illustrations were unique. They were cartoonish yet detailed. Almost every picture in the book has a lot of movement and good amount of colour. Overall I thought the illustrating matches the story pretty well.