Thursday, May 23, 2013

I want to go to the moon By Tom Saunders and Cynthia Nugent

I love this book.Why?Because if I had someone tell me I couldn`t achieve my dream I wouldn`t try to achieve it.I love that he didn`t care what people said, and he tried and did it.The illustrations look like they are sketched and very colourful and detailed.It shows that this boy is normal just like you.So when you have a dream don`t let anyone tell you that you can`t achieve your dreams.

By Victoria Clement

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  1. Hi Victoria, what a well thought out review. I think I too would believe what people tell me. It just shows how important it is to be positive with others. As we may influence what they do and don't achieve which is quite scary really! I think some of the Notre Dame children have written a review on this book. Look further down the blog to see their comments.