Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pussycat ,Pussycat, where have you been? by Dan Bar-el

Pussycat,pussycat,where have you been? this is a story about a pussycat that has amazing adventures around the world like London,France and the north sea. We have heard the poem pussycat,pussycat but not all the verses he has created new verses which is very cleaver.We really liked the bold colour and the imagination that the illustrator has used.We didn't like the moon as we thought it was very creepy.We recommend this book to for all ages 3-11.

Jess, Charlotte and Ellie


  1. I thought the pictures were very old fashioned but I loved the idea that the poem was extended. Thanks for your thoughts Jess, Charlotte and Ellie

  2. I love this story as the author has got the idea of it from a poem. Also most of the pictures are funny because, the cat is doing things a cat wouldn't normally do.

  3. Great comment Izzy, looking forward to more interesting insights.