Thursday, May 23, 2013

oh no George

oh no george is an okay book. its a little bit funny and kinda weird. the ending leaves you hanging  but its an interesting tecnique because he wants the kids to keep imaganing after the story is done what else george will do. the pictures are really distorted and color is unusual, but over all the book is way pretty great.

by Feneti Bulcha

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  1. Hi Feneti, I too think the pictures are unusual but very effective. I like the fact that the illustrator does not finish the book but we definitely know what is going to happen next as the illustrator has used the same picture of George each time he was going to be naughty. I have read this book a few times now to 5yr olds and they find it very funny. Have a look further down the blog to see what Notre Dame students think of it and comment if you want.