Monday, May 13, 2013

i want my hat back by jon klassen

The book is mainly about a bear who lost his hat but he doesn't know where and how to find it so he goes and asks a bunch of animals and they don't know where it is. One of them has it on but he did not reconize it. I don't like the book because it is very boring. There's no colourr or any movement in the book.  I don't like how it ends and they wasted too much paper. I don't really recommend  it.

by : isabella caicedo


  1. Hi Isabell, thanks for your review.

    I understand why you find this book boring but do you not find it just a little bit funny? The fact that the bear just doesn't see his hat the first time is a little funny, don't you think? I also like the repetition in the story as I think younger children like that. Maybe if you read it again or read it to a younger child you might like it more?

    I hope you enjoy some of the others more.

    1. Hi, this is Isabella. I totally respect your comment but I still don't like the book. I like some of the other books more. Thank you for your comment.

  2. I totally agree with Isabella's review. I don't think this book should have received a nomination.--by Feneti Bulcha

  3. Hi Isabell and Feneti. I think the fact that we all have different ideas about what is a good illustration makes talking about these shortlists very interesting.

    I think the way the illustrator has used colour and the animals eyes to tell the story very clever. It shows that you do not have to have a lot of detail on every page to tell a story. Why do you think that the illustrator has used different colours for the writing? Do you think he had a reason?

  4. I love I Want My Hat Back Iam so glad that it won.

  5. I love I Want My Hat Back Iam so glad that it won.