Monday, May 13, 2013

I want my hat back, by Jon Klassen

This book is about a bear who has lost his hat. He asks alot of animals if they have seen his hat, but they haven't.
The illustrations are not very convincing, because the main character, a bear, actually looks like a giant gopher!!! I think the pictures are extremely boring, because the bear is in the same position in almost the whole book, and the pages are almost completely blank. The colours are all the same, except for one red page.

Emily Siemens


  1. Hi Emily, thanks for your review.

    I know what you mean about the bear looking like a gopher, your comment made me laugh :)

    I think if you read this book again, you might see the funny side......

  2. Emily, I agree that the pages were almost all the same. The one red page was clever, though. "Seeing red" is something we say to describe someone who is very angry--so this red page says a lot without use of words.

  3. Emily, I agree it is the worst book--there is no colour or movement!

    --Reid Fitalla

  4. I love the fact that you all dislike this book enough to say so. It is great that you have an opinion.

    'Seeing red' is certainly something that the illustrator has used but also the expression 'talking through your hat' comes to mind when looking at this book. Can anyone work out why?

  5. We love this book. It's our favourite

    Sofia and Anya