Friday, May 31, 2013

More Winning Predictions from Heritage Christian School

Our Predictions for the Kate Greenaway Medal and why:

Reid Faitala: I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen
"It is suspenseful and it is also going to make you laugh--and laughing is healthy."

Emily Siemens: Again!, by Emily Gravett
"I like the funny storyline and the "hole" at the back of the book as well as the illustrations are hysterical."

Victoria Clement: King Jack and the Dragon, by Peter Bently
"I think it will win because it is funny and cute and great for all ages.  The illustrations are great because they look like they were sketched."

Ben Morris:  Pirates 'n' Pistols, by Chris Mould
"This book will win because it is a book that has lots of interesting facts."

Feneti Bulcha:  King Jack and the Dragon, by Peter Bently
"It is cute and imaginative with the dragons and ogres, etc.  The pictures are very appealing to children the way that they are drawn."

Ashley Gerk:  I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen
"I think this book is hilarious."

Isabella Caicedo:  Pirates 'n' Pistols, by Chris Mould
"This is a winner because of the illustrations and the techniques the author used that are very interesting."

Jesse Ward:  Again!, by Emily Gravett
"The book is the winner because the humor is fun for all ages!"       

Thursday, May 30, 2013

And the winner is....

Well, we've come along in our understanding of what makes a great children's picture book.  We have had some discussion and we all have our own predictions on which books will be the winners.  One thing we must agree upon is that we are quickly drawn to a particular book's style or story and then it stands out as the clear winner no matter what!  Can the appointed judges refrain from this instant pull?  Do they need to?  Some things to think about. 

Here are some of our predictions for the Chocolate Lily Book Award and why:

Victoria Clement: I Want to Go to the Moon, by Tom Saunders
"There is something in the book that lets me feel a little bit confident.  I love how the illustrations draw the story together."

Emily Seimens:  Can Hens Give Milk, by Joan Betty Stuchner and Joe Weissmann
"It is hilarious that the family doesn't learn their lesson the first time, and the illustrations are original."

Feneti Bulcha:  Louis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea, by Michael Kozlowski
"It is funny and interesting as well as appropriate for children.  The illustrations are distinctive and the layout draws it together."

Ben Morris I Want to Go to the Moon, by Tom Saunders
"This book is an interesting and learning experience type of book."

Isabella CaicedoPussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been, by Dan Bar-El
"It's pictures, details and colour make it good.  I also like how most of the words rhyme."

Ashley GerkLouis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea, by Michael Kozlowski
"It is not only interesting, but amazing.  It is a book for all a wide range of ages (3-9years).  I like it!"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can you help Jonah find Patrick's address?

Hi everyone,
I got a letter from a guy named Patrick to be penpal's and I am writing him back and cannot find his address. Is he one of the students here? He can email me his address at with the address..thanks!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Louis the Tiger Who Came From the Sea by Kozlowski

This book is really good.  The pictures are good from a young child's perspective. The drawings look similar to kids' drawings.  The plot is well done and silly.  The book is about a tiger that came from the ocean and two little kids try to get him back to the ocean.  This book is BOSS! (awesome)

Pirates 'n Pistols by Chris Mould

I like the illustration techniques the author used--they are very interesting.  He uses different kinds of brushes, toothbrushes, sponges, etc.

by Reid Faitala

Oh No George! by Chris Houghton

I loved the book Oh NO, George!  because it had great illustrations.  I find the illustrations fabulous in that the images were looking almost 3D.  The pictures are just like abstract art.  The story is short, simple and fun.

by Ben Morris

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I want to go to the moon By Tom Saunders and Cynthia Nugent

I love this book.Why?Because if I had someone tell me I couldn`t achieve my dream I wouldn`t try to achieve it.I love that he didn`t care what people said, and he tried and did it.The illustrations look like they are sketched and very colourful and detailed.It shows that this boy is normal just like you.So when you have a dream don`t let anyone tell you that you can`t achieve your dreams.

By Victoria Clement

pussycat ,pussycat ,where have you been by : dan bar -el



oh no George

oh no george is an okay book. its a little bit funny and kinda weird. the ending leaves you hanging  but its an interesting tecnique because he wants the kids to keep imaganing after the story is done what else george will do. the pictures are really distorted and color is unusual, but over all the book is way pretty great.

by Feneti Bulcha

Can Hens Give Milk? by Joan Betty Stuchner and Joe Weissmann

I think a child would like this book because it has a funny story line. The illustrations are clever because they are kind of scribbled. I just think some words are hard to read, because they are long. But I still think it's a good book.

By: Emily

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pussycat, Pussycat, where have you been by: Dan Bar-el

This book is about a cat who goes on these adventures, like going to the circus and in the end that cat comes back and asks about the cats' day.
 I think this book was pretty good, especially the pictures. I think the pictures were inspirational. Just the detail that was shown was absolutley incredible. That's why i like this book.

  By: Ashley

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can Hens Give Milk? By Joan betty stuchner and Joe weissmann

I like this book because it was funny and they did not learn their lesson, the pictures were bright and colourful.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watch Listen and read Greenaway awards

Hi all

I Just wanted to give you this link to the Greenaway awards site that allows you to listen to the authors and illustrators talk about their books. You need to scroll down past the first books (they are the Carnegie award) the books we are reviewing are at the bottom.

Listen to the illustrator talking about I Want my Hat Back....does it change your opinion about it?

I hope you are all enjoying reading these books. I love your reviews! Don't forget to check to see 
if someone else has already reviewed something and see if you can comment. It's nice to know 
that someone else has read what you have written. 

Keep going you are all doing really well. 

Mrs Hutchinson

Lois the tiger who came from the sea by michal kozlowski

This is a book about a tiger who came from the sea. I like this book because its not normal for a tiger to come from the sea. I like the illustrations they look like some one sketched them.   They are good for young readers because they are silly and funny.  They add to the story because you can almost tell what's going to happen without even reading the words.  The pictures are quite colourful, too.

by:Victoria clement

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What do you think about LUNCHTIME by Rebecca Cobb?

I would love to read your comments about this book.  I found it endearing with the "scribbled and drawn" style of illustrations and the little girl's pictures entering her imagination and into her "reality".  The tablecloth with the growing vines and the painted crocodile are my favorites.  Of course, I love happy endings too!  Did anyone else love this book?

Oh no Geoge! (By: Chris Haughton)

I thought that the illustrations are a bit blocky.The plot of the story is not that good because it is repeative even for a kids book.The colours are good and well used.The age group is at around 4-7 and some of the words look a little hard for the age groop some of the words are surprised and favourite.

By:Jesse Ward

Louis the tiger who came from the sea by Michael Kozlowski

Louis the tiger who came from the sea is a great book. I loved it because it is funny, cute and kinda goofy.  Michael kozlowski is an awesome author.   I wish I could read all of his books. The illustrations are wonderful. They are great. I love how there is a lot of hidden animals hidden in each picture. It is probably the best book I have ever read. michal kozlowski is very creative I would never think in a million years to write a book like this that is one of the many reasons I love this book he is unique and that's what I love about him and this book.

By feneti bulcha

Pirates n Pistols by Chris Mould

Hi my name is Ben Morris  and I felt that the book Pirates n Pistols was more leaned towards an older age group. I felt this because of the illustrations. They look as if you intended for maybe grade 7.  This troubles me because I have cousins that are in grade 2 and in Kindergarten and frankly, they would be SCARED by these images.
The illustrations were great:  I liked the sketched design of them and all the bright use of colour.  I liked the stories in the book-- they were not too hard but just hard enough. I love ancient myths and this book is full of myths. Pirates n Pistols is a great book full of great stories. I would recommend this book, but to an older age group.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Black Dog By Levi Pinfold

This book is about a black dog that at the beginning of this book the black dog is a big dog and starts to get bigger and bigger. The youngest of the family and is not scared of the dog. She goes outside with the dog and the dog starts to follow her everywhere and then starts to shrink until the dog is a normal sized dog.
The illustrations were a little scary but good and were drawn with lots of detail.

by Reid Faitala

i want my hat back by jon klassen

The book is mainly about a bear who lost his hat but he doesn't know where and how to find it so he goes and asks a bunch of animals and they don't know where it is. One of them has it on but he did not reconize it. I don't like the book because it is very boring. There's no colourr or any movement in the book.  I don't like how it ends and they wasted too much paper. I don't really recommend  it.

by : isabella caicedo

I want my hat back, by Jon Klassen

This book is about a bear who has lost his hat. He asks alot of animals if they have seen his hat, but they haven't.
The illustrations are not very convincing, because the main character, a bear, actually looks like a giant gopher!!! I think the pictures are extremely boring, because the bear is in the same position in almost the whole book, and the pages are almost completely blank. The colours are all the same, except for one red page.

Emily Siemens

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

We can't wait to get started!

Hello!  It took us some time to arrive on the blog--thanks for waiting for us!  Now we at HCS are reading and exploring and enjoying the short listed books for the Chocolate Lily and Greenaway Awards.  My name is Jessie, (Mrs. Davis), and I am very excited to dive into these books!   I love children's lit! 
Our class of Grade 6 and 7 students are really excited to be able to meet you and blog along side of you!  Do you have a favorite pick yet?  We'll talk soon...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pirates 'n' Pistols by Chris Mould

This book is about pirates. We read one story called Cross-Legged Jack which is about a cused pirate toy. He is cursed because he gives you nightmares. We liked this book because the pictures are very detailed, there also is alot of good discription.

 by Samuel and Anya

Pussycat ,Pussycat, where have you been? by Dan Bar-el

Pussycat,pussycat,where have you been? this is a story about a pussycat that has amazing adventures around the world like London,France and the north sea. We have heard the poem pussycat,pussycat but not all the verses he has created new verses which is very cleaver.We really liked the bold colour and the imagination that the illustrator has used.We didn't like the moon as we thought it was very creepy.We recommend this book to for all ages 3-11.

Jess, Charlotte and Ellie

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sounds of The Ferry Written by Sara Leach Illustrated by Steven Corvelo

Sounds of the Ferry 

I liked this book because of the simple rhyming text that was kind of like a poem. It describes the sounds of a ferry very well and gives you a good mental picture of the sounds. I thought the illustrations were a little unusual but showed a lot of action. Each picture tells a story. I thought they were a little unusual because the people looked a bit odd.

I think this book is a little too short and too simple to do a book review on the story but the illustrations is what told the story.