Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh no Geoge! (By: Chris Haughton)

I thought that the illustrations are a bit blocky.The plot of the story is not that good because it is repeative even for a kids book.The colours are good and well used.The age group is at around 4-7 and some of the words look a little hard for the age groop some of the words are surprised and favourite.

By:Jesse Ward


  1. What did you think of the last illustration Jesse? Those big eyes, just not quite sure what will happen next...

  2. This book has so much humour. George is such a great character and you can tell by his expressions exactly what he is thinking. Do you think George really was trying to be good?

  3. We find this book very humorous and could read it over and over again.We especially like it when George sees the cake as we love cake.The illustrations are really good as it shows George's facial expressions.Over all we think this book is great and suitable for ages 6-8 as younger people may not understand it.
    Lottie and Izzy.P

  4. Everyone I have read this book to has found it really funny. It makes me wonder if reading something aloud makes a difference to the story.