Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lois the tiger who came from the sea by michal kozlowski

This is a book about a tiger who came from the sea. I like this book because its not normal for a tiger to come from the sea. I like the illustrations they look like some one sketched them.   They are good for young readers because they are silly and funny.  They add to the story because you can almost tell what's going to happen without even reading the words.  The pictures are quite colourful, too.

by:Victoria clement


  1. Hi Victoria, thanks for your review. Have you seen the other reviews for this book, further down the blog. It looks like Jonah and some of the children from Notre Dame have enjoyed this book too. We were discussing what we would dress up as. Why don't you look at that post and tell them what you would be.

  2. I agree that it does look like it was drawn with a pencil like that. I felt that the pictures didn't entirely tell the story. I also think that it is age appropriate and I could recommend it for grades 2 and under.--Ben Morris

  3. Hi Ben, thanks for your comments, you are right that the pictures don't tell the whole story. Do you think that they should? I think that the words and pictures need to work together in a picture book so do you think that they do in this book?