Monday, March 10, 2014

Hunter: Book Review by Melody

Hunter, a wild cat, an only kitten, died from poisoning when he was still a kitten. All his life, the events in his life told him that humans are to be hated, that they are evil. Now his only chance for survival, and for the survival of his family, is to put all his trust in Tyler, a human. Every fiber of he being, every instinct, tells Hunter not to trust the boy‹but the junkyard he calls home.  The junkyard is slowly being overtaken by humans, who are planning to build condominiums,, leaving him no choice, aside from the cold embrace of death. If Hunter is wrong about Tyler, if he is like all other humans, then there is no hope.
Hunter, by Eric Walters, is an exiting companion to his earlier book, Cat Boy. It follows the same plot line, this time told from the perspective of Hunter, a cat. The plot is simple: there is a feral cat colony in Toronto, Canada, where Hunter and many other cats live. Tyler, who has newly moved to the city, starts to feed the cats, and is fascinated by Hunter. But then the junkyard begins to change,a tall fence is built, posters are put out, and cars are being removed. Only Tyler can help.
Reading Hunter takes you on an amazing journey through the cat colony. You wont see wild cats the same after this, that's a promise!

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  1. Awesome book review Melody! I love the image insert too :) Well done with your first blog post!