Monday, February 10, 2014

Hunter by Eric Walters

Some of our students read the follow up to Red Cedar nominated book Catboy,  with Hunter.  Here is Angus Trombley's review.

By Eric Walters

feral cat in turkey
feral cat in turkey (Photo credit: Tara Whitsitt)

Hunter is a feral cat. All of his first cat colony was poisoned to death by people. He is the best hunter in his colony. Hunter does not like humans but, when the junkyard where the cat colony lives is being developed into condominiums, Hunter must choose if he can trust Taylor, a human boy.
Hunter was a pretty good book. It was interesting to read the book and hear what the animals had to say, especially the raccoon. This book was written from Hunter’s point of view. If you want to read about the same story from Taylor’s point of view, you should read Catboy, which is also by Eric Walters.                                                                   

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