Monday, March 31, 2014

Critique on Chocolate Lily and Greenaway Books

Good Morning all Book club participants in the Greenaway and Chocolate Lily celebration!

Thank you to Mrs Hutchinson for getting the postings up for the Kate Greenaway awards!  I have added simple reviews on all the books for the Chocolate Lily awards in the picture book genre.  Please can you add your critique via comments on any of the books you manage to read?  
Here again are the criteria I shared in a previous blog post.  Feel free to use these criteria in your comments.  Thank you for sharing!  I cannot wait to see what you think about these amazing artists! :D

Criteria for critique.

1.  Does the story have rhythm?  Is it a pleasure to read aloud or do you stumble with the words?
2.  Did you enjoy the story?  Would a small child enjoy the story?  Why or why not?
3.  Do the images match the theme of the story?  Could the images tell the story on their own?
4.  Is it a circular story? Does it bring you back to the end or does the ending take you somewhere else?
5.  Does the character grow or change in some way by the end of the book?
6.  How much of the text is telling you the story?  Do you feel like things are being explained to you a lot?  Can you see the images in your head when you read?
7.  Is the language suited to the story?  Does it start off well?  Are there any sensory details that add to the text?  Are the nouns and verbs strong?
8.  If there is a rhyming text does the rhyme add to the story? Is it a strong story without the rhyme?  Does the story have substance or is the author relying on the rhyme to get through?  Is the rhyme innovative?
9.  Is this book unique in some way?  What makes it special?
After our blogging all book clubs hope to participate in a collaborative classroom event on Blackboard where we will vote on the winners! We might even post our library staff sharing the books via video to our blog!   Join us in our blogging adventure and encourage literacy:)!

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