Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to comment on Greenway books.

Hi All

I have set up a post for every Greenaway book, which you will find below. Please find the right book and add your comments to each one. We will then be able to follow the comments for every book. I hope to see some great thoughts in the next few weeks.

Kind Regards
Mrs Hutchinson


  1. I love your idea of posting a review and then ideas for commenting below on your books Elizabeth! I am going to do the same with our books. Blessings!

  2. Glad you like it! I was finding it frustrating that the students were talking about the same books but it was not linking together. Hopefully we might get joined up conversations this time. Elizabeth x

  3. Yes agreed! I have asked to have all the books sent to me via Canpar delivery and hope to be able to share with all my students soon via an e classroom. In this way they will be able to see the books easily. My partner in crime Jessie in the physical commons has started already with her students and will be blogging soon :)

  4. Hi I have commented on a few of the books but I am still waiting to read the rest , thank you.
    Izzy P