Monday, March 31, 2014

What's Up Bear Posting. Please comment below.

What's Up Bear? Choc Lily shortlist 2014

In Where Are You, Bear?, Sophie and her best friend Bear discovered Canada from A to Z. Now, they're off to explore New York City through nearly twenty pairs of opposites! 

Sophie can't wait to see New York, while Bear would much rather they just stay home. Sophie loves speeding around in a taxi cab, but Bear wishes the driver would slow down. Up and down, stop and go, tall and short, and many more opposite pairs are illustrated using iconic New York experiences, buildings, and landmarks.

Then, when Sophie spies a window full of new bears in a toy store, Bear begins to worry he is too plain and old to compete with all the city has to offer. He's proven right temporarily when Sophie forgets him in the toy store, but a helpful young boy and his mother find Bear and return him to Sophie at her hotel. The reunion is a happy one, and Sophie and Bear realize they love each other - no matter where they are!     Please comment below using the picture books criteria.  


  1. what's up bear is a wonderful book about a girl and her bear. i really enjoyed this story. what's up bear is a wonderful story and it is educational. I also love that it shows kids to face their fears. IN this book it brings you back to your childhood when your best friend was your stuffed animal and you took it everywhere with you. The illustrations are amazing;what I really love is when the bear is with Sophie it looks alive but when the bear is with someone else it has buttons as eyes and it look just like a regular stuffed animal just like the way we saw it as kids. Personally i think that, that was really creative. i would recommend this book to everyone, this book is the best book i have read yet.

  2. Feneti thanks for your insightful comments. What wonderful observations you have made about the bear's relationship to Sophie and how the illustrator conveys this with ingenious changes to the bear's facial expressions. I love how the pictures teach the grammatical aspects for kindergarteners as well as the fears as you say. Would you say this is a circle story?

  3. This book is my pick for the winner of the Chocolate Lily Book Awards. The story line is cute, plus the opposites are educational. The pictures are colourful and tell a story. The pictures match with the story line.
    --written by Emily

    1. I agree with Feneti and with Emily that this book is going to be the winner! The story is very cute, creative and colourful.
      --written by Victoria

    2. This book is great for young kids and people who love cartoon picture books. It is educational because it helps young children learn about opposites. It also teaches people about friendships ad facing their fears. I really like the illustrations because of the colour and they are simple. My favourite one picture is the one where the little girl is holding lots of bears and HER bear is left alone, this is my favourite because it really shows the opposite feelings.
      Izzy P