Friday, April 12, 2013

Book reveiw / Seal Song written by Andrea Spalding illustrated by Pascal Milelli

Seal Song written by Andrea Spalding

This book is about a boy named Finn that works with his father at a cannery. After the day’s work is done he goes to his secret cove to swim with the seals. Every time he goes there he asks seals to sing. One day a strange girl comes to town and becomes friends with Finn. People say that she is a seal folk and that she will bring ill fortune. They also said that saltwater can’t touch her skin or else she will have to return to the sea. But when Finn goes fishing one day and a storm hits she has no choice!   

I liked the illustrations because they were made of lots of different shapes and had lots of unusual colours.  I especially like the picture showing Finn in the boat at dawn because the character was dark but it still showed a lot of detail.

The only thing I disliked about this book was that it was a bit superstitious. It talked about good fortune and seal magic. I don’t believe in magic and I don’t believe in good fortune, I believe in God’s blessings.

 I liked this book because it was happy and uplifting and had lots of joy. 


  1. Nice review, Jonah. We will read it and let you know what we think. I'm looking forward to reading it as we live near the sea so it will be good to look at the illustrators impression.

    There are a few folk tales of mermaids and the sea, I wonder if it is a bit like that?

  2. We think that even though the magic isn't real it still makes the story exciting and interesting.Also we too like the picture of Finn in the boat as the colours are unsual but pretty.

    Our favorite illustration is when Sheila is changing into a seal because it has alot of detail and colour. It reminds us of the story of The Little Mermaid.
    Izzy.R and Izzy.P

  3. What a beautiful book! I felt that the pictures were very atmospheric and the use of colours was very clever. I loved the text including some poetry as I felt it really made an impact on how the book came across especially when it was read ou around. It is important that picture books are enjoyed by children as well as the adults who may be reading them out loud and this book really ticks all the boxes on that level.

  4. I liked the use of colour in this book. I agree with you Jonah about the page with Finn on the boat. It is so effective