Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh No George! By Chris Haughton

The story is about a dog called George and his owner Harris. Harris is going out and George is told to be good while he's out. George says to himself that he will be good but George can't help himself from messing up the place.

We like how when George is thinking about things that the background is white so it shows just him. When George is being mischievous the background is all colourful and bright. We love the pictures and think it is a great contender.

We liked how the words were set out and even though they were simple it still made it a great story for all ages ( literally )

As we said this book is for all ages and even made our teacher laugh. Anyone who reads the book or is reading the book to someone else will have a good little giggle and enjoy the book.

Sofia and Paris

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  1. Sofia and Paris I totally agree with you! I think this book is a definite contender. The reason being is that you actually do not need the words to tell the story:) Plus, the colours used really make the story come alive. The bold, vivid primary colours fill the pages and make George's expressions and antics really stand out! I would agree that this book is for all ages:) Great review!