Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Louis the tiger who came from the sea By Michal Kozlowski

This book is about a tiger from the sea called Louis. Ali and Ollie find a tiger in the garden and try to give it breakfast.The tiger gets into the house.They dress up as sea creatures and lead him to the sea.

The pictures are clever because in one of the pictures there are dolphins in the clouds when the tiger is asleep in the grass.

I found this book funny because tigers don't normally come from the sea, tigers don't normally have baths and the parents walked down the street in sea creature costumes.

I really liked this book.


  1. In our book club we were saying what sea animal we would be if we had to dress up. I would be a turtle because it is the closest animal to a tortoise as I have two baby tortoises as pets.

    This was a funny and enjoyable book

  2. I really liked this book because it was funny and filled with nonsense and joy. I especially liked the part that the octopus only had six tentacle.

    I thought it was a great book.

  3. I have taken the book home and can't stop reading it. It's almost as funny the second time round