Thursday, April 18, 2013

I want to go to the moon / Words and music by Tom Saunders Illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

I Want To Go to The Moon by Tom Saunders

This book is about young Neil that wants to go to moon his whole life. It is based on a true story about Neil Armstrong: The first man to set foot on the moon. I think this was a great book and that it written for all ages.

 I loved the story because it was uplifting and tells a good message on following your dream and the dream God has put in your heart. This book was written in poetry form and has a CD that comes with it that sings the story (At least mine did).

I loved the illustrations because they were cartoony yet detailed and very pleasant. I think they really combined well with the story. 


  1. Hi Jonah, you are doing really well with your reviews. Our group have been away this week to France on a school trip so will start blogging again next week. I will look at the two books you have reviewed first when I go back to Notre Dame next Tuesday and let you know what I think.

    What are you planning to read next?

  2. We really enjoyed the book and agree with you how it has a good message on following your dreams. We also really liked the illustrations as they really fitted with the text.

    Sofia,Jess F and Paris

  3. We too enjoy this book.The illustrations in this book are bright and bold so looking at them makes us very happy.The words in the book are set out as a poem which makes it easier to read.Also it has a rythm. Our book also has a cd which we are hoping to listen to soon.

    We too think this story has a good message on following your dreams and never giving up. Also we like how it is set on a true story.
    Izzy.R AND Izzy.P