Friday, April 12, 2013

AGAIN! By Emily Gravett

This book is about Cedric the dragon who wants his Mum to read him a bedtime story again and again and again.This book made us laugh because it reminded us of when we were little and didn't want to go to sleep so made our parents read us stories over and over again.

We think the pictures are quite clever because Cedric the dragon starts to become the dragon in the story that is being read to him. Then Cedric the dragon starts to turn red and the dragon in the story goes green and falls asleep.

At the end of the book Cedric starts to get really angry with his Mum because she falls asleep and won't read it again so he burns a hole through the book. We think it's really clever because there is actually a hole in the book as if the book has really been burnt.

We don't think you have a copy of this yet but let us know what you think of it when you do.

Izzy.R and Sofia


  1. Great review, girls. I too loved the way the two dragons changed in the book and the story that the Mother is reading starts to change too. I thought it was funny that the mother fell asleep and Cedric was still wake at the end. I loved the holes in the back of the book, I think younger children will really enjoy this.

  2. Thank you for sharing your very visual book:) This sounds very appealing from the visual side with images complementing the story to a great conclusion! Looking forward to reading this one!

  3. I enjoyed this book so much I had to take it home and read it again and again! My little sister loved it and the pictures really made her laugh. It's really clever how the illustrator has jumbled around the pictures. Over all i think this is a really great book, to read for all ages.

  4. Well done Izzy, you worked out how to do this. Great comment about reading it to your sister, that is always one of the best tests. If someone younger enjoys it and you enjoy it too this book workers on both levels so it fits into one of the criteria for voting. Keep it up now you know how :)

  5. We really enjoyed this book as well we found the pictures realy well drawn and very bright and colourful and we liked the way it made the pictures moved.
    by Samuel and Dominic