Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NDG - A proper introduction

Izzy P, Izzy R, Paris, Dominic, Samuel, Sofia, Anya, Lottie, Jess , Ellie

We held our first meeting for our book club and this is the group that will be shadowing the awards. We are in our new school library! They were told of our plans to blog with students in Canada about both the Greenaway awards and the Chocolate Lily awards and were very excited to see photo's of the students they will be talking to. They really hope that this may lead to future friendships.

Notre Dame is a small Catholic school in Guernsey. Here is a link to our school website. Our school moto is 'Learning together Loving God'

Guernsey is a small Island that is part of the UK but is near the French coast so we don't get snow very often. The children were very happy to have a couple of days off school to go out and play in it. It was lovely to see your students enjoying the snow too!

Well done for doing so much for charity. We were very impressed with Jeffrey shaving his hair for Faith and we are very glad to hear that she is getting better. We too support charities and we support Cafod. A representative from CAFOD will visit our school on Monday 4th March to tell our junior children how we can make a real difference to people's lives this Lent.

We looked at our first book this week and after our Easter holidays we will get one of the students to tell you about it.


  1. We were in the Guernsey Press today for our work with HCS. I will photocopy it and send it to you. Elizabeth

  2. Welcome NDG students! I will be sharing this blog with our families from our online and campus schools next week when we are all back at school. Hoping to pass on the excitement of literacy and sharing books in such an exciting way!! Thanks for sharing the pics and getting the students excited Elizabeth! Looking forward to more sharing:) God Bless.