Monday, March 18, 2013

HCS - An Introduction

Here is a picture of some of the students in the grade 7 class at Heritage Christian School in Kelowna, B.C. Canada.  We all wore mustaches to raise money for an orphanage in Kitale, Kenya.  Our Principal shaved his off!!

We understand what snow is like! Here is a picture of some of the students sledding during a day of snow fun at the end of January.  Emily, at the end of the "train" will be one of the students who does the book reviews. 

Here is picture of Jeffrey who is presenting his art project.  He is a real artist!  He will be the other main student reviewer.  
The reason his hair is so short is because he chose to shave it off in support of his classmate, Faith, who has just beat cancer.  She was diagnosed in October and has completed all her chemo treatments.  She was able to even come back to class just before our Spring Break.  We are so thankful she is better!   Here is a picture of Faith (in front, middle, staying away from us due to low immunity to germs) with all of us wearing T-Shirts made in support of her battle with cancer.

We are looking forward to being involved in this project with you!!!


  1. Hello Everyone!

    It's lovely to see you all. We have just had our first bookclub meeting and I will put a blog post up later about it.

    Our students are very excited about this but are about to go on Easter Holidays so we will start blogging properly after that. Elizabeh

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