Monday, May 19, 2014

My personal Greenaway collection

Hi All, I just thought I would share with you what I plan to show our group at our book club this lunchtime. I have been collecting original Kate Greenaway books for a couple of years now because my daughter bought me one for Christmas. I had asked for an old picture book and without realising the significance of Kate Greenaway she bought me my first one. Since then I have been hooked. Whenever I go into a second hand bookshop it is the first thing I ask for. If I find one well I get so excited!

I am taking in my collection to show the group today and thought you might like a look too.

Do any of you have collections that you would like to share with us?


  1. Hi it's Isaac from the Literacy Club and I'm just saying hi!

  2. Hi Isaac, thanks for joining us. Why don't you scroll down the blog and give us your opinions about the Greenaway books. It would be good to hear what you think.