Friday, January 10, 2014

Cat Boy take-aways

Most of our group loved the book as much as the hot chocolate and apple cider we enjoyed together. 
I thought I'd wrap up our study of this book with a few more quotes from our book club members: 

"My ancestors came from Siberia and came to Canada because they saw how beautiful Canada is."

"Our school is like Taylor's because we have many different cultures and people come form places like Egypt, Jamaica, England, Korea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Germany."

"My ancestors came from El Salvador and they came for a better life."

"People from other places in the world are just like you and me."

"For the rest of time there will be different cultures so it's great if you can learn about and understand them."

"My Dad came from Ethiopia because of political reasons."

" Our school is like Taylor's because it is multicultural--just look at me!"

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  1. Thank you Jessie and book club for sharing your thoughts on reading Catboy! I can glean from all the comments that many could identify with the main character and his experience living in a multicultural country such as Canada. Our group really liked the fact that the students helped Mr Walters edit the book. How cool is that!!