Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Book review on Catboy

Hello everyone,
Our team read Catboy this week and along with sharing Christmas traditions, playing online Pictionary we enjoyed a great discussion about feral colonies, being a super hero, unconditional acceptance and cats as pets!  Here is Gabrielle's book review.  Please feel free to add your comments about what you enjoyed the most about the book underneath her post and join in the collaboration!  Many thanks and blessings of the Christmas season to you!

Catboy book review, by Gabrielle Tremblay
The story “Catboy” is all about a boy who loves cats but wait it doesn’t stop there! Taylor (Catboy) just moved to Toronto from his small home town where he grew up. He made a few friends including a smart, Korean boy named Simon. Taylor and Simon are walking home one evening and Simon says he knows a shortcut. Who is Taylor to say Simon is lying? He barely knows the city yet. In the shortcut they pass by a junkyard, where Taylor spots some cats. He and Simon get closer to the cats and just watch them as they go around in the junkyard, three older kids bump into them and start throwing stones at the cats. Taylor tries to defend the cats but they get mean to him and Simon. Taylor and Simon become friends with the security guards of the junkyard. The security guard lets them come in regularly to feed and stay with the cats but what will happen to the cats when the owner of the property want sot build condominiums? Taylor, Simon and Mr. Singh (the security guard) look for ideas to save the cats everywhere and finally Taylor, Simon and their friends from school find a way to save he cats. Taylor visits Dr.Reynolds (a vet) to ask him if he has traps and cages for the cats. Why? Taylor's clever plan was to trap and cage the cats and bring them to a new community of cats on the other side of the city! Will Taylor and his friends be able to pull it off? Find out more and how Catboy got his name in this great read!

The End by, Gabrielle Louise Tremblay

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  1. Very enticing Gabrielle! It sounds like you enjoyed this book and would recommend it? What would be your favorite part?